Square Peg Press Business

Introducing Square Peg Press APA #998!

The past six months have been otherwise very busy, and, though we did get our Provisional Press built in February, we haven’t had much time to spend with it. BUT! As of now, we’ve been accepted into the APA (Amalgamated Printers’ Association) as #998, so we’ll be off running!


This week, Rory and I printed our prop card (Proprietor’s Card), which is required as your first contribution to the monthly mailer. Then you can do basically whatever you like (within parameters) for your four annual required submissions. We were accepted mid-year, so I doubt they will hold us to four, but the prop card counts as one, so we’ve got a good start.


A huge Thank You to our friend TH Groves for being our mentor and allowing us to use his stuff. We wanted our prop card to look as nice as we could get it in a hurry, and we have limited options for our home press, so he kindly allowed us to set type at his studio and print there. But now we’re both eyeing Stymie and want it for our own!